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New Litter just born April 15, 2020>>>>>>>
"Once you go JACK you never go back!"
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About is family-owned and operated right here in Surfside Beach, SC. Jack Russells are similar in maturity to a 7 year old child, and if trained properly, can have a large vocabulary and understand way more than you ever would have imagined.  They are incredibly easy to train and are so smart, they are BORN to be the perfect SERVICE DOGS because they tune-in perfectly to your needs, are highly intelligent and are easily trained.

Our owner/Mom, Katherine Reeve has enjoyed Jack Russells since 1988 and they have been her children.  A severe tragedy occurred in her life on August 13, 2007 when her newborn baby girl, AMBER REEVE was kidnapped.  She was a newborn baby and was born at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA.  This trauma has endured and we are still searching for Amber Alexis Reeve.

Our family of Jack Russells has filled such a deep need for her.  They are baby sized at full grown, they are ultimately loving and attentive, and they are so smart that whenever she goes into "Panic Attack Mode,"  All 7 of them are on her lap to comfort her.  She never would have survived without her JRT family and 
7 "children"!  These guys have changed her life forever.