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Why Jack Russells are Family - Loyalty, Cuteness, Tenacity, and Energy

Exercise Requirements: 40 minutes/day        Energy Level: Very energetic        Longevity Range: 13-15 yrs.
Tendency to Drool: Low                                 Tendency to Snore: Low                Tendency to Bark: High
Tendency to Dig: High                                   Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
Bred For:  Fox hunting

Length: Short
Characteristics: Double coat, flat, hard coat
Colors: White, white with black or tan markings
Overall Grooming Needs: Low

Club Recognition:
AKC Classification: Terrier        CKC Classification: Terrier         Prevalence: Common

The Jack Russell terrier comes in three different coat types: smooth, broken and rough (coarse, longer straight hair). All the coats tend to shed. Our Jack Russells are usually tri-color, with black, white and tan markings usually with a blaze.  Opal, our pure white baby is unusual and  she is many people's favorite!

The breed has a compact, muscular body. The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America standard calls for dogs to be from 10 to 15 inches in height, whereas the AKC standard calls for a smaller range of 12 to 14 inches. JRTCA show dogs are classified into one of two groups based on size, 10 to 12 1/2 inches and over 12 1/2 to 15 inches.

The Jack Russell terrier is a happy, energetic dog with a strong desire to work. This breed is most happy when given companionship and a job to do. Digging is normal for a Jack Russell, especially if he decides it is his job to free your yard from rodents! Hunting ability is bred into them; it is their nature. The desire to hunt combined with a high energy level makes training a must for the Jack Russell. You will never win a battle of wills with a Jack Russell.  We use a water bottle spray for training and it works great!

Because he is a baying terrier, the Jack Russell can be vocal. However, these dogs are alert and make good watchdogs. The breed is naturally assertive and may not tolerate other animals in the home. They especially can be aggressive toward other dogs, depending on how they are raised.  Our Jacks go to the dog park daily (yes, ALL 7!) and they have many, many dog friends so they are not aggressive to other dogs.

Living With:
Given the personality of the Jack Russell, this breed is not for everyone. The hunting instinct cannot be trained out of the breed. These dogs instinctively see the family cat or hamster as prey. Some may be able to learn to get along with other pets if brought into the home as a puppy, but a potential guardian needs to consider the possibilities beforehand.

The Jack Russell terrier needs lots of exercise and a home with a large fenced yard is best. The Jack Russell has an urge to explore and hunt and will wander off; many have been trapped for days in underground culverts and dens. If kept indoors, daily brisk walks are a must!

The Jack Russell also enjoys going along on a hike or a long game of fetch. BALLS ARE THEIR FAVORITE.  This is not the breed for you if you prefer a dog who will sit peacefully on the couch all day, however, when ours are not outside, they are on our laps at all times!

The Jack Russell terrier is a true working terrier. The breed takes its name from the Reverend John Russell, who bred one of the finest strains of terriers for working fox in England. The Jack Russell is a baying terrier, meaning the dog should flush out the fox with his steady barking but is never to kill his prey. The Jack Russell has been strictly bred for hunting since its beginning in the early 1800s.

Because of their broad genetic make-up, there is some variance in the standard of Jack Russell terriers. In fact, disagreement about leg length has caused the breed to be divided into separate breeds in England, where the longer legged dogs are called Parson Jack Russell terriers and the shorter legged dogs are called simply Jack Russell terriers.

In America, despite the greater popularity of the short legged dogs, the long legged dogs are the breed officially recognized as the Jack Russell terrier. The breed has been popular with the horse crowd for years.

Media exposure, especially the popularity of "Moose," the terrier who plays "Eddie" on the television show "Frasier," and "Soccer," who stars in the children's show "Wishbone," have catapulted the breed to popularity.

The Jack Russell terrier is a newer member of the AKC terrier group, but that membership came amid protests from fanciers who feared AKC recognition was not good for the breed. The result is that two national associations exist for the breed, the original Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, and the newer AKC recognized Jack Russell Terrier Association of America.
Bred to be compact, alert hunting companions, Russell Terriers today are still very similar to their ancestors. These active, sturdy terriers come in two varieties (smooth coat and rough coat) and are not your typical lap dogs. Russell Terriers are intelligent and learn quickly, are devoted and affectionate, and make good pets for an active family.  Jack Russell Terriers are very loyal and affectionate. They want to be with people all the time. They are also keenly alert and will alert you to every new person, animal or thing encroaching on their property. As hunters, they are also barkers, but some of the nuisance barking can be trained out. Jack Russell Terriers are incredibly cute, curious and always ready for a new adventure. But don’t let their clever antics and friendly appearance deceive you. They are independent minded with energy to spare, coupled by high intelligence makes these dogs a pleasure to own. They love having fun and if their activity is restricted or they do not get enough exercise, your fun loving Jack will turn destructive, aggressive or highly vocal.

Country of Origin
The Jack Russell Terrier derives its name from the Reverend John Russell, a fox hunter from mid-nineteenth century England who bred terriers to produce a dog which could run as fast as a horse and catch and kill a fox. He was very successful, and his breed became popular with a number of enthusiasts almost immediately. It was more popular as a working dog than a show dog because it is first and foremost a hunting dog. However, Jack Russell Terriers are shown and do well, especially in field trials.

The Jack Russell Terrier measures between 10”-15” at it's withers. It has a flat skull, small eyes, small, V-shaped ears pointed toward the face, and powerful teeth which form a level or scissors bite (scissors preferable). The Jack Russell Terrier has a flat back, high, happy tail which is docked, and small, round ‘cat feet’. Forelegs should be straight and strong; crooked legs may be an indication of Achondroplasia. Working Terriers (‘Jack Russell Terriers’) should have chests less than 14 in at their widest. The Jack Russell Terrier is taller than it is long.

There are three different types of Jack Russell Terrier coat. The smooth-haired Jack Russell Terrier has thick, smooth hair, about a centimeter in length, over its entire body. The rough-haired Jack Russell Terrier has a double coat up to 10 cm in length over its entire body. The broken coated Jack Russell Terrier is a mix of the two. All coats are dense and coarse. Jack Russell Terriers are more than half white with tan, black, lemon, or tricolor markings. Markings are preferably restricted to the head and base of the tail.

The Jack Russell Terrier is brave (sometimes excessively so), boisterous, observant, happy and self-confident. Owning a Jack Russell Terrier requires an ample supply of patience; they are great matches for exuberant owners who are prepared to entertain and exercise them, but are not for everyone. Jack Russell Terriers are loving and gentle with their owners. But they will defend themselves against mishandling, even if they are being mishandled by a small child.

The Jack Russell Terrier can be aggressive with other dogs and should be socialized when young if possible. It is however, still a hunting dog, so don't expect it to cuddle up with your gerbil or guinea pig. It's natural hunting instinct will kick in and could result in the chasing of the family cat. It may try to be dominant over other dogs, regardless of size. Jack Russell Terriers are fearless. Visitors will always be announced with a distinctive bark.

All three Jack Russell Terrier coat types are relatively low maintenance. Jack Russell Terriers should be brushed with a rubber brush when shedding to remove dead hairs. Occasionally, the coat of the rough-haired variety will need to be plucked. Jack Russell Terriers are known for their good health and long life span of 15 or even 20 years. Puppies should be tested for deafness.

The Jack Russell Terrier learns quickly but will always try to have its own way. Consistency in training is key. It will try to win you over with its mischievous charm, but do not be fooled! Jack Russell Terriers are able to learn a variety of games and excel in events such as dog agility and Earthdog competitions. They require firm and consistent handling. The Jack Russell Terrier is an intelligent and bold dog.

The Jack Russell Terrier has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. It must be given many opportunities to burn it off. Jack Russell Terriers need to run and play, and enjoy agility skills and playing catch. Digging, barking, and staging escapes are their way of telling you they need more exercise. Jack Russell Terriers are happiest on a farm or a home with a large backyard where they can frolic, and will not enjoy life in an apartment. Their hunting instinct is strong and they need to be monitored if off-leash and out of their yard as Jack Russell's have been known to go to ground after a quarry and stay to ground for days. 

Breed TraitsRating( with 5 = Most and 1 = Least)
Playfulness = 5 Affection Level = 5 Friendliness = 5 Good with Children = 5  
Good with Other Dogs = 4 Exercise Needed = 5 Ease of Training = 5 Watch Dog Ability = 5 
Grooming Requirements = 1 Shedding = 3 Cold Tolerant = 3 Heat Tolerant = 4  

Our Jack Russell Terriers are terriers through and through. Our family of Jack Russells are a mix of black brown and white (Tri-Color), with long, medium and short legs, smooth coat, incredibly loving an loyal, they have strong forelegs, a tail that is set high and carried curled slightly over the body, and adorable small triangular ears that drop forward.

Unlike two very similar breeds, the Parson Russell Terrier and the Russell Terrier, Jacks are somewhat more diverse in appearance. They are bred more for their hunting ability than their appearance and are registered with the CKC, the Continental Kennel Club, but can also be registered as AKC.

Consider the personality traits of the Jack Russell terrier as this breed is not for everyone. The energetic Jack Russell needs lots of exercise, is vocal to invasions of its home, and because of its hunting instinct, has the urge to explore, resulting in a tendency to wander. Note***These dogs will be with you at ALL times at home, unless in the yard, digging or trying to hunt! Goodbye private potty time!

Weight Range: Male: 9-17 lbs. Female: 9-17 lbs.
Height at Withers: Male: 9-14in. Female: 9-14in.
Our female has medium longer short legs, and our male has long legs. Some puppies come out as shorties, some medium and some long!​