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"Once you go JACK you never go back!"
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Kaye C.
We had a wonderful friend in our Bandit my first JRT he was almost 16 years old when he passed and I thought I could never love another dog the way I did him. After 3 long months with such a quiet house we searched for another JRT and not only found one but found ourselves with two. They have never replaced our first but have just added much joy and love to our home. They are two years old and we thought that would be all we would have but just recently we rescued a sweet boy who was the runt of the litter and the breeder knew she would not be able to sell. He is the sweetest and has such a wonderful loving way about him, so our family is full of joy ,love and happiness with our JTRS and I can truly say there is never a dull moment!!

March 26, 2019 8:35 am  Sam W.
We just rescued a dog from the shelter that we believe is Chihuahua/Parson Russell Terrier Mix. What a character she is!

January 29, 2019 12:42 am  Beth
We had our first smooth-coat JR, Zeke, for 15 years and four months, when he passed away. He was our dear boy and we scattered his ashes at his favorite camping spot near Winter Park, Colorado. He died on a Sunday and by Tuesday, I was on the phone with his breeder to find our next JR family member. Our “youngest son” is a rough coat JR from the same line as our first boy. Jax has been bringing joy to us for three years now. We love JRs, but you REALLY need to know what you’re getting into with these little fireballs–please do your research before bringing one into your home–they are such wonderful dogs for the right family and they do not deserve to end up at a rescue.

December 6, 2018 8:40 am  Jeff 
My Dad had a JRT named Misty. She was with Dad when he passed, then Mom kept Misty until Mom passed. I kept Misty until November of 2011. She lived to be 19 years and 4 months. I have one now I’ve had for 6 years and he is my buddy. They are a long term commitment. I have been told if you want a pet that lives longer you have to buy a tree! Great little dogs.

February 25, 2019 1:02 pm  John 
My jr is 16 now. Did you jr pass suddenly? I am dreading the day our Wally leaves us.

March 17, 2019 3:31 pm Catherine
Oh, also, she looks like a Jack Russel. The vet says she will be a smaller dog, never more than 30 pounds. She has the JRT personality, VERY energetic, playful, and full of spunk, but she is also settling in for seconds at a time already for petting, which she is learning feels really good. I live on a large acreage, and I see the hunting instinct in her as well. Very different from any puppy I’ve ever tried to raise, for sure. JRTs are a breed all their own, I think. I hope to find a JRT enthusiast.

November 6, 2018 3:25 pm Mish
My pup is an aussie – jack. they are incredible. But yes, high energy and lots of playtime required. It’s a super smart and fun dog! Great personality! Super happy. I hope this girl finds a wonderful home. I’m almost tempted 

News and Reviews Myrtle Beach Jack Russells!
October 21, 2018 6:42 pm CeCe
Out of the 5 dogs I’ve had during my life, my JRT, Honeygirl, was by far the best dog. Jacks are the perfect blend of spunk and love. Fast forward a year later and she’s walking down the street to her favorite ice cream stand-asking for pets from anyone who walked by, she had quickly become the un-official mayor. Jacks are not only playful, cuddly but boy are they smart too. “You don’t train a jack, a jack trains you.” Anything she needed she would walk into my room stand at the doorway so I would get up and she would lead me to what she wanted, always pausing to look behind to check that I’m still following. Honeygirl had lived with two different dogs while with us, first with a fox terrier Ang a three-legged gentle soul, whom Honeygirl loved and adored until her death. Then we took in Noni a chi-mixed with god-knows-what from off the street, Honeygirl was older by then and I think she got a kick out of bossing him around (nevertheless still sweet). Even on her death bed, he laid down beside her and with her last bit of energy she rolled over and snapped at him, letting him know she’s not dead yet and this is still HER bed so get off. When I was going thru a hard time for a month I laid in bed a lot. As she was always cuddling up with me, sometimes when I would cry she would get up and leave, then take one glance back at me before leaving the room. Harsh, which is what I loved about her. I swear it was as if she was rolling her eyes at me and thinking get a grip. Immediately this would send me into a full belly laugh. Jacks are good at making you laugh, I would recommend this dog to anyone, Jacks truly bring the purest form of joy. She did take a lot of patience and training in the beginning but she was worth every second of it. She loved babies as much as she loved grandmothers, and she loved every dog she ever met, (sometimes scared of large dogs when she was older but never confrontational.) JRT is a phenomenal breed and I think most Jack owners would agree that their Jack is without a doubt their soulmate.

August 18, 2018 4:40 am Molly 
I love my Jack Russell terrier, Barney, so much. A lot of this rings true for Barney, except being energetic. Barney is very lazy. I think this may be due to the fact that his first owner was an elderly man. Barney is probably the laziest Jack Russell ever. While he loves a good walk (he can only run for a short amount of time now that he is 14) he is happy to spend all day on the couch sleeping. My husband and I estimate that he spends 20 hours a day sleeping! He also snores which is adorable.
Barney is a people dog, he loves to snuggle and sleeps with me every night. He is interested in dogs but HATES cats. He often tries to attack small dogs and cats. He’ll even try to take on my parents’ dog, a 140 lb Great Dane! Be warned about Jack Russells though, they are hunters. Sadly, about a week ago 2 stray kittens got in our yard and I found them dead…,pretty sure it was Barney.
Jack Russell terriers are super smart. Barney let’s you know when he is mad. One night my husband kicked Barney out of the bedroom. How did Barney express his anger? He peed on my husband’s spot on the couch!  Overall, I love my JRT Barney SO much!!!! He is the cutest, most loving, stubborn, full of personality dog I have ever had!

June 29, 2018 3:45 pm Joe
My Jack Russell was also problematic, but he is now the most perfect dog ever. It seems to me that you are a very kind and decent owner, but you don’t show him who is boss. Jack Russell Terriers needs to know that you are the boss. Biting is an absolute no-no and shouldn’t be tolerated. Also keeping him on the leash is not a good idea because you are constraining a high-energy dog, which is counterproductive.
My dog was also prone to attacking other dogs as well as people running past and I was thinking of getting rid of him, but as a last-minute attempt at sorting him out, I took him to obedience training. The trainer asked me to walk into his side gently but with enough force to show him who is boss. I did that and he licked his lips and I was told by the trainer that when he licks his lips, that is a sign of subservience to me. That gave me the confidence to actually become his master, which is what he needed. As a Jack Russell Terrier, he will always be a little bit disobedient because that is part of his character (and is what makes him extra lovable). He knows what he can get away with and what he can’t and he pushes the boundaries, but he is an amazing companion.. Food/treats can be used to help train your dog. Don’t ever feed your dog with anything until after you have eaten – make him wait and then feed him after you have finished. Only give him treats when he has been good and use the tone of your voice to indicate that when you are giving him a treat. If he has been bad, tell him sternly and withhold the treat – don’t shout because dogs have better hearing than us and shouting indicates that you have lost control, which your dog won’t respect. This is what I have learned over the past four years with what is now a perfect companion.

October 7, 2018 4:46 am john
i have 3 jack russells 1 is 10 or 11 a male and 2 sisters from same litter 4 years old they all get along great they live with my sister and her 2 collie dogs when i go 2 work the 5 of them get along fine but the smallest one coreen tries to be the pack leader shes a wee cracker but a pest at times they are great fun and love my sisters 2 granchildren they are very high energy dogs and chase birds cats flies midges anything that moves they are a bundle of fun

June 20, 2018 4:34 pm Rob
I adopted a 9 month old Jack 4 years ago after she was returned twice. After some searching I found the foster family that took her in while she was at the kennel and they said she was beaten badly by her first family. Even with this past you can see the spark in her eyes. She is very protective especially towards men however she is great with my newborn nephews and once she gets to know you, once she knows you belong, well then its time to play… all the time, everywhere. The best is in the truck when I tell her to “get those winder washers” and turn on the wipers and she goes nuts trying to get them, lol. She is also way to smart. If I throw the ball from the couch she gets annoyed and starts pushing it under other furniture so I have to get up or she goes to the top of the steps and throws the ball, chases it, and repeats. They are great warning dogs as she lets me know who is around. They are very smart and training is a must imo because they love the work and they also become the most well behaved dogs.

April 18, 2018 3:20 pm Kerri
I adore my little girl Coco. She is a rescue dog having had quite a horrific earlier life. She turns five soon and I have had her for half her young life. When she first came to live with me she was wild, jumping on the kitchen table, didn’t come when called etc. Her early life had required she jump extraordinary heights to find food and it took patience to train her to stop it. Six months of love and nurture and she is more and more perfectly behaved everyday. I have always adored her, even through those tough early months of adjusting to each other. JR’s need exercise and my little girl can’t do it on a lead – she needs to stretch those paws far quicker than I can keep up! I find a good off-lead location, let her stretch it out twice a day for about 15 minutes and that is enough for her to snooze the rest of the day away without a sound. If she doesn’t get her run she gets restless and chatty (woofer). If you are considering a JR, good on you – they’re adorable.

April 12, 2018 7:08 am Jeff
I have had my Russell Terrier, Lucy for 4 years as she is aged 10-11 years. Love her dearly for better or worse, but she is indeed a dog who belongs in a high energy household. Dogs fit best with the right owner, so folks should read first before picking out a dog just because they looked good in a commercial. I am indeed fit to keep up with a Russell Terrier and I would recommend folks thoroughly research before picking one of these balls of energy. If you can keep up, they make life memorable!

April 6, 2018 2:21 am Rob
I just recently had to put down my 9-year old Shorty JRT. She passed from liver failure. It was devastating for the family but Chloe was the perfect family pet. I have two daughters aged 4 and 8 and Chloe was always snuggling with them, never any issue with biting or nipping at the kids. She was the perfect dog. Chloe was my 3rd JRT. Once the sting goes away from the loss of Chloe, our family will have another JRT. If they are trained right, you treat them with love, kindness and walks, they are the perfect family pet.

March 16, 2018 10:47 am DeeDee
My sweet babies are 13 years old as of November and are just the best dogs ever!!! Rocky and Abigail, I have had them both since they were 8 weeks old and they truly are soulmates. My Rocky did develop Cushings disease at 6-7, I was told he may have 2-3 years at best because he was allergic to the meds they gave him, I started treating him holistically and 6 years in he is doing amazing, you’d never know he was a cushings dog. That’s a good thing too because I was so distraught for my Ms Abigail at the thought of her losing her best friend too soon. Can’t go wrong with these dogs but, and this is a big BUT here, they do require you put in the work!!

March 1, 2018 9:58 am Ryan
I’ve now had my Jack Russel for 4 1/2 years and it breaks my heart to imgine only around 10 years left with him.
He’s a very happy dog with great respect of his owner. He’s also a very calm and gentle do when need so, in particular with old people and young children.  His intelligence is unimaginable as he always knows when we’re talking about him. At time I wonder if he can tell when we’re talking about him even if we don’t say words such as “dog” and “take him” . Overall he is a lovely natured and playful dog. He is definitely a dog to get.

February 10, 2018 9:52 pm Susan
It sounds like you could be talking about me and my Macy a jack/ mt feist. I too worry about the day we are parted. My sweet brother moved in with me during his divorce and lived there until the day I discovered that he had passed away in his sleep. Macy adored Bugs but wouldn’t have a thing to do with him if I wasn’t at home. She would ignore him completely but when I came in she would give me love then run to him like he just came in too.( so funny ). He used to tell people that if something happened to me that although he would see that she had the best care and life possible he would probably have to have her put to sleep or she would grieve herself to death but hated to have his little sister put to sleep if something happened to Macy first. I have no doubt that yours knows when you talk about him and in fact knows exactly what you’re saying. Some words I have to spell words like dog because she’s not fond of them and it hurts her feelings if somebody refers to her as one. Everybody that is around her is amazed at her intelligence and total devotion to me. I know she’s perfect for me.
January 19, 2018 9:10 am Joelyn
Jack Russells are great dogs, and I have one. It all depends on the dog it’s self. As long as your family animals are okay with high energy dogs it should be fine. But the dog may want to play with the cat but the cat will take it the wrong way. It would probably be best to ask the shelter to reserve a quite room that you can use to introduce your animals with the dog. You would want to keep the dog on a leash and then gradually release more of the leash until the dog can reach your animals. You may also want to bring your grandchildren just to make sure. The shelter may say that the dog is good with kids, but just like dogs, all kids are different. The dog may be good with kids but not good with loud kids that may pull on its ears. And even if the children are quite they may be different with a NEW dog. Also even if the shelter says that the dog is good with only older kids, they may have introduced him/her to loud or roudy children. My last tip is if you choose to meet the dog, you will want to introduce them to your animals and kids, do one by one, and when you’re introducing a different animal or child, take the old one out of the room, and then at the end have all the kids and animals come in the room at the same time. I wish you luck!

i have a jack who the best dog iv ever had and I have lots of dogs.. he was only 5 weeks old when I got him. and he training to do anything hunting come went call bring rabbit home. he can sniff out anything I ask him . I just show him the sent and he find it.. theirs just me and him at home we never a part he three years old. coming up he can do trick .. but I would not trust him with kids he never bite any kid but he not to be trusted it his toys he let me take them off him. or some one he knows yes but not kids . ill love him until the day I die I know he loves me until the day he dies..

November 7, 2017 11:18 pm Cher
Mr. Bentley is now 3 years old, found him on a busy street as a puppy. Mr. Bentley is a clever smart little boy who loves children and being the center of attention. The only problem I have is he hates to be alone, he can be destructive, chewing up carpets and pooping in the house. Mr. Bentley knows he done wrong, and runs to the door. Mr. Benley is a runner this little dog has so much energy! He is a strong lilttle guy, walking him is like walking a pit bull! He is the love of my life! ..My best friend. Loyal and loving ..

December 28, 2018 12:52 pm Kim
We’ve had our JRT for just over a year. Got him at 6 wks old. We have tennis balls all over the house it seems! Champ, our beloved JRT’s name, loves to retreive them for hours on end. He has taught himself how to carry one in his mouth and kick the other back to whomever is playing with him. Caught our 16 yr old son “playing ball” with Champ. Son was sitting on the floor rolling the ball to him all the while Champ was literally kicking the ball back. Ignore Champ when he wants to play and you will be “punched” for lack of a better word for attention. He is the best dog we have ever had! Jack’s have a HUGE personality for their small size!